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Do you want to expand beyond the current limitations of your consciousness? Do you seek guidance based on academic psychology as well as ancient methods from mysticism and spirituality? You have come to the right place! I can support you in your journey away from old fears, limitations and discontentment of ego-consciousness into the freedom and creative power of an expanded unity consciousness. Become a member of my community of free thinkers, visionaries and mystics who seek to find out what they are capable of, and who want to tread new paths in this world.

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Welcome, I am Doro...

....a freedom-loving idealist as well as structure-loving pragmatist with both a strong intuitive and analytical side, an affinity to science as well as mysticism, on a spiritual journey. You may notice that I love building bridges between seeming opposites, and I do not like being pigeonholed. And I certainly will not pigeonhole you! I love everything that breaks the old outdated chains in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

I particularly love to work with you sensitive, freedom-loving and visionary Souls out there, who seek to bring a new consciousness into this world. To support you on your journey of spiritual transformation, freedom and empowerment, I use scientifically well-founded psychological as well as ancient mystic and spiritual methods. This is my personal way of service to contribute to a new consciousness of Unity and a more loving, peaceful world.

Why are you staying in your prison when the door is wide open?
                                                                                                             - Rumi

My vision for the future: A consciousness of Togetherness

We as humans seek true deep connection - connection to our purpose, our mission, to the people around us, our communities, the life around us, nature, our Souls, hence to ourselves. We have forgotten how to connect in a world of one-sidedness, separation and loneliness. I am convinced that this world can become a more loving place with each and everyone who rediscovers this deep inner connection, and who learns to feel and live accordingly. Hence, with everyone who pierces through the illusion of separateness to realign with the love and connectedness of the "We" and "Us" of Unity Consciousness. In this Unity Consciousness we may rediscover that we are indeed part of a bigger unified whole.

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